Tek teaches:
  • Chi Kung Eight Brocades
  • Yang Style Tai Chi
  • Lok Hup
  • Standing Meditation
  • HSIN-I Tai Chi Academy

TEK has accumulated more than 30 years of practice and experience in martial arts. He would like to share with you all the joys and benefits of practicing Chi Kung, Tai Chi and internal style martial arts.
Tek manifests the fluid and aesthetic movements of the forms to let you experience a lightened, relaxed and peaceful state of mind. The practice of Tek's stances and forms relieves your stress, reduces the burden of your materialistic existence and helps you to achieve peace and tranquility. Tek wishes that by practicing Tai Chi and Chi Kung, you will be able to restore more energy and inspiration, and enjoy the benefits of mind and body harmony. In essence, you will be able to contribute more fully to your family, society and nation at large.




About Tek

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